Senior Living Community Evaluation Guide and Checklist

Waco, Texas

There are lots of things to think about when planning a move to a senior living community. Along with facing the many challenges that can accompany any sort of change of residence—the selling of your current home, packing (ugh!), the actual physical move, getting accustomed to a new environment—seniors and their families also have to consider some fundamental, but not necessarily simple, questions. Like, which retirement community is right for me?  How can we effectively and efficiently compare one community to another to help us make a good decision? What are the criteria we should use in order to judge whether a community would suit our needs and expectations? If you’re feeling a little apprehensive or overwhelmed, don’t be. We’re here to help.

Download the Evaluation Guide and Checklist to use as you take your tours of senior living communities. In it you’ll find valuable information that will help you with your decision as you consider new living options.  We’re here to help you find the perfect new home!


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